Friday, October 26, 2007

News Hasn't Changed Much

Well I still haven't done much with our blog, but I figured I might as well post something while I was thinking about it. News about us hasn't changed much. I'm still working at Radioshack & Gary is still working at UMC & attending school at Nevada State College. He'll graduate with his bachelor's at the end of this coming spring. Gary is working like crazy to get all his secondary applications for medical school completed and submitted. We're crossing our fingers that everything will go well & he'll get accepted no problem.

Oh, my brother Bryce got home from his mission in Cebu about a month ago & he brought with him some . . . . . interesting habits. It's amazing how much living in a third world country for 2 years can change a person. I think Bryce is finally starting to adjust a little better, but this past month has been rough on him. I hope he's happy to be home.

Well, I'm excited for Halloween this year & I'm not sure why. We don't have any special plans or anything, but I guess all the spooky decorations, goodies, & carving pumpkins is just downright fun for me & I don't even have kids yet! I'll have to post the Halloween pictures of our pumpkins we're gonna carve & our decorations. They always turn out so cool!

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