Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey you, come to my party & spend all your money so I can get free stuff!

Hey everyone, I'm having a Lia Sophia open house Wednesday the 23rd from 12:00-3:00. So yeah, that's like tomorrow. And I know, I know, I'm not typically the type to do these sorts of things. I just feel stupid inviting people. Hey you, come to my party and spend all your money so I can get free stuff! It just doesn't seem right does it? The only problem is that my husband said I can't spend any more money on all this fabulous jewelry I want. The only way I can get it is if I have a party and I did promise a friend I would.

The sale will only last until the end of this week so if you want to take adavntage of it at all, now would be the time. It's buy one at full price and get two other items for half price. The best part is that your first item doesn't have to be the most expensive. You can choose to pay full price for your $15 earrings and get a $50 item half off. The jewelry is good quality too. But my favorite thing about Lia Sophia is their Lifetime Guarantee. If at any time you decide you don't like that piece you got or you're ready for some new bling, or you even snap your necklace in half, you can exchange it for whatever you want. Let's say though that you bought a $50 bracelet at half price (so $25) and you decide you're not in love. Lia Sophia will give you a full $50 credit, even though you only paid half of that. So basically you can start with one set of jewelry and just keep upgrading every year as the fashions change. Also the new catalog is coming out in August. That means that a lot of things are being discontinued. Last chance to get those things. I've definitely got my eye on some discontinued items, but my master plan is to buy a whole bunch of stuff at the sale prices and then trade it all in for glam from the new catalog. I'm in love, love, LOVE with the new line they've rolled out.

Ok, ok. I'm done. If you are interested you can check out both the old & the new catalogs online at www.liasophia.com. If you have any questions or actually want to place an order you can call me at 702-371-2028. I'll be keeping the party open for the rest of the week. And finally, if you actually want to stop by and see the oodles of jewelry we'll have on display, please do. It'll be at my house. For those of you who don't know where that is, call me. I might tell you.


The Heizzys said...

I would have loved to come if I would have known about it before the day of the event...tear. I hope it is fun though! Oh and the picture of Bryce doesn't count as pictures of you and Gary on your blog....

Brittany & Gary said...

Oh yeah I totally meant to send you an invite in the mail like 3 weeks ago. But then I went to NY and got totally side-tracked. I'm sorry. I also felt bad asking you to spend all that money in gas to come from vegas just for a party. I'll be keeping the party open until Saturday night so please, check out the catalog online. Oh and I know about the pics. I'm working on it. We just barely got internet at our house so I'll be working on getting some pics of Gary & I up. I just happened to have that pic of Bryce on my comp at work so I slapped in on. Gary's the one who got the NYC one up.