Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Are The Odds?

Excerpt of a conversation that took place back in July.

ME: So I finally picked a OB/GYN and scheduled an appointment.

MOM: Oh good, it's about time. Who's your doctor?

ME: His name is Jenks, Dr. Jenks.*

MOM: Oh really, I know that name. I wonder if this Dr. Jenks is his son?

ME: Uh? What are you talking about?

MOM: I used to know an OB/GYN named Dr. Jenks so I'm thinking that maybe this Dr. Jenks you're going to is his son.

ME: Um, I don't think so his name is Joseph Jenks and he's pretty old.

MOM: Joseph Jenks!? Are you serious? Brittany, I used to see Dr. Jenks for a short time when I was having babies and he was no spring chicken then!

ME: . . . . . . . .

MOM: He used to sing funny songs.

ME: Wow . . . . ok, that's just creepy.

*Name changed because a girl's gotta retain something.


The Smiths said...

Brit that is funny! glad you found some one! hope everything goes well!

jenandbrody said...

Seriously... When are you going to write a best seller? You have such a way with words and I love reading your blog. I also love that you wrote so soon after your last post! Hope all is well! Love ya!

Meka said...

After Christmas sounds great, maybe the weekend of the 10th or something. Sometimes we go out there on Sundays to have dinner with Duane's family so maybe I can skip out a little early and we can just chat! There is so much to talk about and I have lots of information to share with you that will help.