Friday, January 23, 2009

And Then I'll Wake Up & It'll Be Tomorrow

I'm not a huge fan of the desert. Living in Nevada my entire life hasn't made me any fonder. Everything is brown, dusty, and dead most of the time and frankly, the color green makes me really happy. My hubby and I were playing World of Warcraft the other day and Gary asked me where I wanted to take our characters next to quest. The choice was between Desolace, a dead, stagnant water, and yes, desolate land or Stranglethorn, being more of a jungle type-"STOP! say no more, I wanna go to Stranglethorn," I declared. Now if he would have presented me with a choice between two different rain forest areas, that decision process would have taken much longer. If I'm going to stare at a screen, you better believe I'm going to stare at something more visually interesting than what I see every day, even if it is computer animated.

Aside from the blah qualities the desert has to offer, it does hold one of the very best features of this earth. The smell of rain in the desert. It rains all over the world, but nowhere else delivers that amazing scent. It's fresh, it's clean. Beyond the smell, the rain makes everything beautiful. A blanket of clouds cover up the intense blue of the sky and allow the colors on the ground to shine. Everything seems more vibrant and alive. The greens are more green, the reds more red. Oooooh, it just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, not unlike Christmas. Isn't today gorgeous?!

Go jump in a puddle, you know you want to.


jenandbrody said...

I didn't jump in a puddle, but I accidentally stepped in one. Does that count? Haha. I luv luv luv the rain!

The land of Vegas said...

That is my favorite smell in the whole world. I never gave it thought about how much better rain smells in the desert. Thanks. I just wish it did it more.