Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aware of My Derriere

OW! Another injection in my right butt cheek has left me in some discomfort. Yes, there are worse things in life, but by golly it hurts! Sitting is torture and rather ridiculous actually. I transfer my weight to the left cheek and this alleviates the throbbing, but it also looks like I'm opening up the airways to let one go. I've never been so aware of my derriere and how many things I bump into with it or rather things that bump into me. My peaceful slumber last night was interrupted by a shot of pain. A routine kneeing from my darling husband brought me into full consciousness with the strong urge to punch said husband full-on in the face. I grabbed hold of all rational thought possible at 3:00 in the morning and instead of punching I turned over and took my tender behind as far away as I could. Yes, he'd probably knee me again before the night was over, but my motto last night was BETTER MY GUT THAN MY BUTT.


Meka said...

Ouch! I remember my hip was numb for about 6 months after we did ivf because we hit a nerve one of the billion times I did a shot. Maybe you should do the hip next time because you wont really be sitting directly on the owie, just aim well! I hope your luck continues with little side effects.

Brittany said...

Actually, I think my luck just ran out. Hot flashes are in full swing now and I am moody and starting to feel weak. Oh well, it could be worse.

Meka said...

Woah I guess you just needed a second dose. Darn it, I thought you had some sort of cool immunity to that terribleness of lupron. Well hang in there and take care of yourself. We should get cold stone ice cream next time your in town!