Friday, March 6, 2009

My Finger Can't Hold The Dam

Um . . . . yeah, I'm officially hitting a breaking point. I have been pretty stressed, but I've also been holding it together while Gary's been gone. My finger can't hold the dam anymore. Gary was accepted to Ross very VERY late in the game. Most people know of their acceptance by January at the latest. We found out the beginning of MARCH. The welcome packet outlining everything required to be completed before May 4th finally came yesterday. I thought we had a lot to do before. I HAD NO IDEA THE DEFINITION OF "A LOT TO DO" UNTIL TODAY. Of the bazillion things needing doing, visas for both of us need to completed, submitted, and then approved before we step foot on the island. And visas are doable, people go through the process all the time, but I don't think they typically do everything from start to finish in a two month period. The following list consists of the visa requirements for Dominica:

-1 copy of round-trip flight itinerary
-1 money order/cashier's check for $200 USD
-2 official (2x2) passport photos
-1 copy of passport
-2 original police reports/background checks/letters of good conduct (less than 6 months old)
-1 original Health Certificate form - Parts l, ll, & lll signed by physician
-1 copy of TB/PPD test not more than 1 year old
-1 copy of HIV test not more than 1 year old
-1 copy of Hepatitis A vaccination not more than 10 years old
-1 copy of Hepatitis B vaccination not more than 5 years old
-1 copy of imaging report from chest x-ray not more than 1 year old
-1 Immigration and Passport Ordinance Application form
-2 testimonials or character references
-1 letter of reference from spouse indicating that he/she will assume financial responsibility for debt incurred while attending medical school in Dominica
-1 letter of reference from a bank indicating banking history
-1 bank statement reflecting a minimum of $3000 USD for the spouse to live in Dominica
-1 photocopy of marriage certificate

Um hello, I've never had my Hepatitis vaccinations! My mother told me that Hepatitis vaccinations take a span of 4 to 6 months until they're complete. I'm sure Gary has his taken care due to his mission, but I afraid I'm going to get left behind. How could I not since I'm starting from square one? My finger can't hold the dam anymore.


Meka said...

HOLY CRAP! Wow how crazy! I hope the hepatitis thing works out that would be so hard if you had to come later! I think everything sounds so exciting though! What an experience this is going to be for you guys. I am glad we have our blogs so we can keep in touch! Good luck getting everything done.

Matthias said...

Hepatitis shots used to take three rounds, but I think they've got a single dose version now.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Don't worry... be happy!

I am sure it will all work out. Needless worry is not good for you... so don't stress about it. Just do the best you can.


Blog Anonymously said...

If I can seriously help-tell me! I so will! I can do paper work like no other(thanks bank of america!). Call me-449-1506

Leslie said...

So- send me your email and I will answer any questions you have. Plus I will give you my phone number and you can give me a call and I can help you out that way. I know it is very stressful and the thoughts is much worse than it really is. Don't stress too much about it. About the hepatitis, if you have just started the series, you can finish them up on the island. Plus, it really only takes one trip to the Dr. to get all the forms filled out. Don't stress about it. It will all work out fine.
Post your email on my blog and I will answer any and all your questions I can. There is a lot to know, but I am more than happy to help you out.