Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Stress That Never Seems To End

Guys, I am so sorry with how scarce I've been here. Ok, so I can't even call it scarce because that would imply that I've snuck around here in the shadows from time to time. Let's try COMPLETELY ABSENT FROM THIS PAGE IN THOUGHT, WORD, AND DEED. There have been busy times in my life in the past, but never like this. And I want to tell you all about everything that has happened (because holy guacamole there's a lot), but one thing I've found with blogging is that I can't force myself to write. If I don't feel creative I just can't do it and creative is the last thing I'm feeling these days. Writing is not something I want to join the list of necessary evils by sticking it on my to-do sheet next to dishes and scrubbing the tub. Once I get to the island and life settles into a routine I'm sure posts will grace this page on a more regular basis. Until that time, please be patient, I've still got five more weeks of The Stress That Never Seems To Ends Since Gary Was Accepted To Medical School.


ShEiLa said...

It sounds as though you are overcome with stress... sorry. Just keep telling yourself.
'This to will pass'.
'That which does not kill me...
will make me strong'

Tie a knot and hang on to the end of the rope. Ü


Blog Anonymously said...

Ha Ha I can't imagine you more chaotic than you already are(in the head!) I love it:) Are you counting down the days?

The land of Vegas said...

Your writings are worth the wait. I will be happy to wait and wish you fewer stressful days down the road.