Saturday, July 4, 2009

And We're Back . . . .

. . . . But not quite as you expected. Are you wondering where the posts and pictures of paradise are? Yeah well, I don't have any you see, because I never got on that plane. I'm still residing in the blazing heat of the Nevada desert hundreds of miles away from the man I love. Why? That's a lengthy story made up of a whole bunch of shorter stories that I'm not going to get into because it's exhausting just thinking about it all. I'll sum it up by saying that a subpoena was involved (don't worry, I'm not the one in trouble), along with some medical junk, and those pesky complication elves sprinkling stress and confusion into various aspects of my life and well, complicating matters. But fear not, I AM FINE. No need for worry or alarm. I will still be moving to Dominica, but on a slightly revised timeline. My flight has been rescheduled to lift off on Thursday, August 20th. Some days it looms so far in the distance it's hard to see, but nearly three weeks have passed since my previously anticipated departure date. What's seven more? Of course it's not the most savory of circumstances, but like Mr. Oden always says in response to plans gone awry, "In a hundred years, it won't matter. Nobody will remember." You know, he's probably right. If I indeed live to be 124 I probably won't remember . . . or be able to see, hear, or even move for that matter.

A happy foot note is that I will be arriving Gary's last day of the semester in which he'll be granted a two week break before fall semester starts up. It's not much, but it should give him a chance to come up for air from the relentless class, exams, and studying. He claims that he's studied more in the last two months than he ever did during his undergrad. I believe it because he didn't have to study much for his undergrad classes. He retains well, but I'm sure with the massive amounts of information being thrown at him in medical school that the only way to stay above water is to study. A lot. My phone rang at 1:00 in the morning the other night. It was Gary walking home from campus. Keep in mind the time change. If it was 1:00 in the morning in Nevada, then it was 4:00 in the morning in Dominica. FOUR O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING AND HE'S WALKING HOME FROM STUDYING AND HE HAS TO BE IN CLASS BY 8:00. Amazing. I can't imagine that he's been eating much better than top ramen and mac n' cheese these past weeks either. Living with my parents I haven't had to cook much and I'm finding that I really miss cooking for my husband. Weird, right?

Ignoring the need for a transition, has anybody else noticed how beautiful the sky has been the past two weeks with all those amazing clouds?

I love clouds.

I love lamp.

Oh yeah, Happy 4th of July! I suppose I should have written something patriotic and thought-provoking. Eh, Happy 4th will have to do. I'm going to go eat some watermelon until I get a tummy ache now.


The land of Vegas said...

When things don't work out the way you want it is always nice to have family here to help out. Happy 4th to you and have fun with your parents.

ShEiLa said...

Just this morning I mentioned you being gone to Tony. Only your not?
Life happens. It is not easy to plan major things. Glad to hear you are alright and that Gary is studying like a mad man... he will make a fine DR.